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Okay, here is a list of books to choose from. Following that, there's a list places for you to choose books from if you can't find anything in the first list.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • If possible, please pick a book from this list, rather than a publisher's catalog.
  • It's best to pick two books from a single publisher if possible. It cuts down on their costs in terms of postage.
  • When choosing from the catalogs of publishers please keep in mind that we are only interested in reviewing books that are relevant to free/open source software. The book should score 6/10 or more for free software relevance. (A book on Linux would get 10/10, for example. A book on Firefox could talk purely about its use on Linux (10/10), or it could cover use on Windows, Mac and Linux; this would reduce the relevance slightly to perhaps 7-9/10 depending on how much focus there is on using it on non-free OSes.)
  • When making a request please send an email to [AT] with the subject "FSM Book review request".
  • Please include your full mailing address and phone number in the format:

    | -| Name: | Company: | Address: | City: | County: | Country: | Phone: |

Books that are waiting for a reviewer:


Title ISBN Date
Foundations of QT Development 1-59059-831-8 August 2007
Beginning Rails 1-59059-686-2 July 2007
Foundations of GTK+ Development 1-59059-793-1 April 2007
The Berkeley DB Book 1-59059-672-2 October 2007

AWP/Prentice Hall/Sams

Title ISBN Date
RailsSpace: Building a Social Networking Website with Ruby on Rails 0321480791 Jul '07
Silverlight 1.0 Unleashed 0-672-33007-5 Oct '07

No Starch

Title ISBN Date


Title ISBN Date
Asterisk: The Future of Telephony 9780596510480 Aug '07
Linux System Programming 9780596009588 Sept '07


Title ISBN Date
Java EE 5 Development using GlassFish Application Server 1847192602 Oct '07
Professional Plone Development 1847191983 Sept '07