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Everybody can write for Free Software Magazine!

If you want to go beyond forum articles and comments, you have three options.

  • Posts
  • Posts as a columnist
  • Articles

Article and post formats

Whereas comments are in plain text with a few HTML tags allowed, posts and articles must be written in slightly enhanced version of Markdown. Please use the Free Software Magazine article template to know how to write your posts!

If you'd like to write a book review, please have a look at the list of books that need reviewing.

When you write your book review, please remember to use the book review template


Please send your editorial proposals to:


Make sure that the subject of your email is PROPOSAL: article on [...] and the body of your email has the following structure:


Write your article’s target here. Think about the person who is reading it: what do they know? How well do they know it? What are they curious about?


Write your article’s aim here. What is it going to tell the reader? How? Why will the reader know more about the subject after reading this article?


Write your article’s abstract here. It should be a summary of the whole article, in just 10-15 lines.


-First heading

-Second heading

-Third heading

-Fourth heading

For each heading, please provide 3 to 6 lines that explain what that section of the article will contain.

If the proposal is accepted, you will be given a deadline for handing in the complete article.

Please keep in mind that you won’t be able to hand in your article if it’s not valid and well formatted. Please check that your article follows the template.

You must use a spell checker to check typos and errors in your article before handing it in. We advise authors to use OpenOffice or ispell.

You must read the author’s style guide while writing the article.

Finally, you should read Writing articles for Free Software Magazine written by Clare James and Tony Mobily before submitting your outline--especially if you haven’t written before.

While writing the article, you should stick with the outline you agreed to with the technical editor. However, you can make changes if you think they’re appropriate.

Current hot topics

Here is a list of hot topics we would like to see covered:

  • Privacy

    • Secure backup
    • Encryption
    • Securing existing services
    • TOR
  • Legal and business

    • Business implications of free software
    • Licensing issues
    • Patents & trolls
  • Fun

    • Games
    • End-user software (Blender, Gimp, OpenOffice, any kind of end-user software)
    • Anything fun with GNU/Linux
  • Market

    • Android & derivatives
    • Pre-installed GNU/Linux computers
    • Linux appliances (fridges, washing machines, etc.)
  • Integrate

    • Using phone with GNU/Linux
    • Using existing SaaS (instagram, dropbox, etc.) with GNU/Linux
    • Installing extra printing drivers
  • Hacker's tutorials

    • Simple programming tutorials
    • Hacks to make magic with Linux (multi-screen, X-terminal based system, 2-way file replication, simply using SSH, etc.)
    • New software (Latest Simfony, latest PHP, Node, etc).
  • News

    • Users' news
    • Market news (Redhat, investment, etc.)
    • Hardware news (new available hardware, raspberry pie)
    • Linux Kernel news, free software "gossip"

Sending the article

To create an article, just click on "Add content" (on the right hand side, underneath the "Popular contents" box) and then "Article".

Free Software Magazine welcomes articles. Articles are professionally edited, and they end up in Free Software Magazine's issues. If you would like to write for us, please make sure you read this page before handing in your proposal.


You must include figures with your article.

If you are desperate for figures, you can use stock images from these URLs:

Contact the image’s author if you are not sure about copyright issues.

Please remember that the figures should be [800 - 1024] x [591 - 1181] pixels wide.


We cannot guarantee that we will accept every submitted article. There are three possibile responses:

  • The article is accepted after minor or no editing by our editors.
  • The article is accepted, but major editing is necessary.
  • The article is refused.

There are several reasons why an article might be rejected. We will always try to tell you why an article has been rejected.

Publication and copyright

If your article is published in FSM, you will retain the copyright. We do ask our authors to submit original material, and release the article under a free license.

All of articles are released under a free licence as soon as they are published on our web site and on our magazine.

Which free license will my article be published under?

It’s up to you! the only requirement is that the article is released under a free license. This is what we prefer:

You will be able to pick your article's license when you submit the article.


We pay for articles with "sponsored books"

Five major publishers:

Have agreed to sponsor us with books. This means that for every article over 1000 words that you write (apart from book reviews), you will have the option of receiving one book from ANY of their catalogues. You are not required to review this book! (Although, reviewing the book will be most welcome.) There is an upper limit of $100 on the price of the book.

Also, if you have your own web site or online business and would like to exchange a banner ad (or a PDF ad) with an article, please let us know—we will probably be more than willing to do an exchange.

Please keep in mind that:

  • We will edit your article professionally for free
  • We will give your article great exposure on our web site
  • The magazine is downloaded by tens of thousands people worldwide