We have a new forum

Fri, 2007-04-27 21:45 -- admin

Okay so our new forums are going well so far, but we decided we needed a forum dedicated to asking all those difficult questions. You know, the ones everyone has an opinion on. So here it is The big free software questions. Here's a list of the topics up for debate so far:

We have forums!

Wed, 2007-04-25 04:01 -- admin

As you all know, we are now proud to have a Drupal 5 website, and we are happily installing features left, right and centre for your enjoyment. And our most recent new adventure in features is... FORUMS! That's right, ladies and gentlemen... want to know the answer to a free software question that's been bugging you? Want to help a newbie? Want to engage with likeminded individuals? Look no further than the third menu item from the left, just below the Free Software Magazine logo! It's that easy!

So, want to know what's on offer?

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