Play Mp3 on Linux without any Codec

Mon, 2008-04-07 19:40 -- birbal

It uses a free flash mp3 player, combined with the power of PHP/XML.

What you need.

1) php cli or apache module 2) download the zip file attached 3) extract to a folder say phpMp3 4) copy your mp3's in the same folder. 5) from your command prompt/cli or apache just run createTracks.php 5) open the index.html

Download and Source and Demo :-

MP3 patents: In praise of sense

In a recent court ruling Microsoft has been forced to pay $1.52 billion for patent infringements relating to MP3 technologies. This is one of those rare occasions when we get to see the dangers of software patents in a real world situation; as well as this we can also find vindication of the stance taken by many distributors of Free Software.

MP3: What’s piracy, what's not (at least in Italy)

This post is actually a continuation of the two I posted in December, which left a couple of open questions:

  1. Is it legal to create MP3 files out of music CDs you legally own, to take them away with you and listen to them more comfortably (e.g.: with an iPod, or an MP3-enabled car stereo)?
  2. Is it legal to create MP3 files out of music CDs you legally own and then lend the original CDs to someone else?

The answer, of course, depends on the laws of the country you live in.

MP3: nothing to do with piracy. Really.

Mylatest blog entry began with this paragraph:

Messing with MP3 files is, for some people, a synonym for illegal use of copyrighted music. Well, actually it's not.

The reason I wrote that incipit remained unclear to many, that didn't seeany link between this first phrase and the rest of the article. I therefore decided towrite a few blog entries on the subject. This time I'll talk about theMP3 format in itself.

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