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Best Role-Playing Games for GNU/Linux

Hi, everyone. I'm writing an article for FSM about the best computer role-playing games for the GNU/Linux platform and could use your help. What do you think are the best CRPGs for GNU/Linux? I'm really interested in games that are more than ambitious than just ports of classic commercial games, but I'm open to any and all suggestions.

I've already discovered two that look very promising:

Net Hack: Falcon's Eye
Iso View for Angbad

Thanks for your help!

SKYPE Alternative - help!


My wife is about to have a baby (1 week to go). I bought a webcam, and it works perfectly fine with Linux.
She really really wants to be able to show her baby to our family in England when she/he is born.

I tried Skype, but it doesn't work with video in Linux. The Linux clone of MSN doesn't support videos either.

I am stuck! Please help...


Cardfile/flat file database replacement

On Windows I'm using AZZ Cardfile (similar to the old MS Cardfile) to store crochet patterns, and I'm looking for someting similar for Ubuntu.

I have several files, each for a particular type, and each "card" can hold both text and graphics, with simple formatting such as bold, italic, and so on.

I've searched the repositories, but not found anything. Any suggestions?



ProDesktop is now obsolete, but it was 3D CAD software for Windows desktops from the same company (PTC) that created ProEngineer. Now that ProE can be run on normal (albeit high spec) PCs real engineers don't need ProD. But here in the UK ProD has been given away 'free'* to any school that wanted it. Most will carry on using it for another 5-10 years I would guess. Some schools are already starting to look at ProE, SolidWorks or Inventor, but they are all expensive.


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