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Fetchmail/Mailman/Postfix questions

Thanks for the article on using a combo of Fetchmail/Mailman/Postfix for running listservs. ( I'm in the midst of creating just that setup, but am running into a problem.

Mailman is sending out subscribe messages and such through Postfix just fine.

Fetchmail is downloading messages from the Gmail account I've set up as a test account just fine, and putting them.... somewhere. But they're not going out to the list.

I've tried with fetchmailrc a number of variations of:

Any progs to chg my WinDVD player's splash scr to scr-saver?

Sun, 2008-03-16 07:57 -- wguru

Hi everybody,

Please forgive any mis-used terms I might use, as I consider myself at most, an accomplished novice. Okay, intermediate.

Upon discovering that the XP Home Windows Log On splash screen (not the XPH Windows "boot screen", although that can too) be tweaked by introducing new background/colors or even a given screensaver.

The latter (scr saver) peaks my interest in replacing my video player's zzzzzz splash scr, but how to, or is there freeware to do it?

Help Installing Mandriva 2008

Hi All:

I'm new to Linux, I'm sick of MS! but i got a little problem: I download the Mandriva 2008 and i don't know how to install it without the DVDROM (i have none) and no CDROM (just got damage). So, all i have is an ISO Image of the distro but no way to install it with a burn media (cd or dvd). I have a home Network just to safe some file and the usuall stuff. Can anybody help me with this issued, please, step by step guide. Thanks so much for your responds.

Installing Ubuntu 7.10

I would like to clarify some problems with installing Ubuntu 7.10 for the first time. This information is for the novice who is very tired of the problems with Windows and would like to try a different OS. I would like to say that Ubuntu 7.10 is the very best of a Linux install that I have yet to try. You have two options when installing Ubuntu 7.10.

The options are:

asterisk voice delay

Fri, 2008-01-11 18:50 -- alben

Hi, I am a begginer
i installed debian etch + asterisk 1.2 recently
i created 2 accounts
in my local LAN i have de asterisk box and an IPphone
when somebody from outside my LAN calls me, I hear my voice reaching the other side with a delay of 5 to 10 sec
i used a natted lan and a adsl internet conection
i installed a free g729 that i found on the web
what can be the problem?
thanks a lot

USB mass storage problems

I have a device whose instructions indicate it will be ID'd as a "mass storage device" by Windows, but it isn't recognized by my kernel USB drivers (other usb_storage devices work fine, so I don't think it's my drivers that are at fault).

I suspect the device is slightly non-compliant. But I'm hoping that maybe, if I could hint the hotplug module to use usb_storage on it, that it might work anyway.

Is there a tool for nudging USB driver hotplugging choices? I've got USB View, but that just tells you what it did, it doesn't let you adjust anything.

Blog editors in Linux

Blog editors are quite helpful especially it helps you to do offline blogging and post your blog whenever you are ready with it. You can save your ideas and slowly add content to it. I am using Blogtk and drivel as blog editors. Since I am using the new Blogger, there are some problems when I work with Blogtk and drivel. I am unable to give title to my blogs and have to post them without it.

There is another blog editor which I have found in Mozilla site. ScribeFire.

Passing Asterisk value to Perl Script

Hi all,
I have acceted "intime" as "Read(intime||4)" in extensions.conf.
After that, i'm passing as an argument to perl script.

exten => 444,18,AGI(|${inti...


$statement = "INSERT into $table_name values(....)";

As the scope of "intime" is in Asterisk only, not in database, I'm stuck with how to pass that in "INSERT into schedule values(....)".

Pls help me out in this.

Offline browsing of email boxes

Can anyone recommend a good tool for offline browsing of mbox or Maildir files? Or perhaps a filter for converting such data to HTML?

My problem is that I have enormous amounts of correspondence in old mbox or maildir data from particular periods of time, using particular mail clients, etc. In many cases, the client and even the mail accounts for this correspondence is defunct. I don't even want to keep it on my "live" machine anymore, I'd rather just write it out to a CD.

In principle, of course, I can backup the mail directories to a CD.

M$ Project

Looking for a Project management software tool for use in managing a distrubted team and setting project tasks and milestones. Possibly even generating a Gnatt chart.

I have taken a quick look at Sourceforge, but I was wondering what you all thought. Colloborate stuff is good. In the end the tool should be usable, but not hard.

Preferably some reviews with that or tutorials as well.



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