What's your favorite news hub for free software news?

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Sat, 2007-06-30 18:42 -- admin
57% (20 votes)
9% (3 votes)
3% (1 vote)
11% (4 votes)
Linux Weekly News
3% (1 vote)
TUX Machines
6% (2 votes)
OS Dir
0% (0 votes)
OS News
6% (2 votes)
6% (2 votes)
Total votes: 35


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Okay. This should be easy... What's your favourite? Feel free to suck up :) . We don't mind we are definitely biased on this one. If your favourite hub isn't listed and you choose "Other", don't forget to let us know in the comments. And please let us know why you've voted the way you have too.

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FSDaily, for now. I'd like some more discussion, but that's not FSDaily's fault (it's the users' fault). Newsvine.com is probably my favorite news hub, but it doesn't have a huge fs section.

Andrew Min

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I enjoy http://debianlinux.net/planet/ for reading Planet blogs too.

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"Feel free to suck up"? - not much choice there really. None of the others (that I am aware of) are exclusively Free Software news sites and thus FSD wins by default.

Okay, okay it is also very good as well.

How's that for sucking up? :o)

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Excuse me, LXer isn't about Free Software? I beg to differ. LXer is my favorite by far. Then again, I am biased because I am a contributing editor over there :-)

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I did say "exclusively free software". LXer by it's own strap line is about
"GNU/Linux and Free/Open Source Software".

Okay so it is about Linux but I was referring to the fact that FSDaily is the only one that is (supposed to be) about free software alone. Not open source and not just GNU/Linux (but of course it features heavily.

I like LXer (really) but my point was that the poll is a little loaded.

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Thanks. You really are getting in the spirit. :)

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Not that polls matter very much but it is not very unbiased if the site you're reading is one of the options that can be voted... :)

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Well I dont know about voting, but LXer is by far my favorite.

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I'm sorry by fsdaily has to be one of the WORST sites for news. News is news... and shouldn't be buried by opinion.... go to digg for that.

I guess all of the highly opinionated people from fsdaily are voting it up here... sigh. We live in a society where truth has been exchanged for whatever we think should be truth.

Maybe freesoftwaremagazine should be here instead??

Meaningless poll so far...