New Open Source Software Platform for Linux Computer Vision Software

New Open Source Software Platform for Linux Computer Vision Software

Zurich, 1st of October 2008

Super Computing Systems AG (SCS), a high-tech engineering company for super computer engineering and computer vision, located in Zurich, Switzerland, offers a low-cost small Smart Camera and free software source-code on base of the Open-Source license LGPL V2.1. SCS expects a high acceptance in the computer science community and encourages software engineers to try smart vision solutions, even in fields, where it was too expensive in the past. University image science groups may receive special conditions.
The open-source software platform contains the entire framework for using the camera and developing new algorithms and function, and it delivers software tools for testing.
The small camera, called leanXcam (the “lean Linux camera”) is offered almost at cost price. The DSP (BlackFin ADSP-BF537) powered wVGA CMOS colour camera takes 60 fps full resolution and is capable for ultra short time applications due to its global shutter and selectable external trigger. The software supports different kinds of operation and is based on Clinux. Two 4 MB Flash, 64 MB SDRAM and several I/O options on board allow special user adaptations to the application.

The Camera can be ordered and the Open Source software can be downloaded via .