unbuntu users and firefox plugins

unbuntu users and firefox plugins

Sun, 2008-03-30 10:09 -- butty

I am running ubuntu 7.10. On the Family PC I decided to install a new user for my young son. I expected the firefox plugins that I installed on my account to be included.

The first site he visited required Flash and Firefox notified me that the plugin was missing. I clicked install but kept getting multiverse errors. I changed the user privileges to allow admin and I could install the plugin.

I don't want have admin privileges on this account. Is there a method of the plugins that I install on my account automatically being available on the user accounts?
I don't want to have to install things 4 times and have to change the user privileges to do it.

If this is a no brainer sorry, but it is Sunday morning!

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Yes there is a way to install plugins in the manner you want. if you install the plugin from synaptic or add/remove rather than from within firefox it should apply to all users. They will have am easier way to do this in 8.04 when it comes out. if this doesn't help try posting to the ubuntu forums as they generally will respond quicker to this type of question.