Installing Ubuntu 7.10

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I would like to clarify some problems with installing Ubuntu 7.10 for the first time. This information is for the novice who is very tired of the problems with Windows and would like to try a different OS. I would like to say that Ubuntu 7.10 is the very best of a Linux install that I have yet to try. You have two options when installing Ubuntu 7.10.

The options are:

* A live install that does not interfere with your Windows OS. This allows you to try Ubuntu without taking any chances of causing problems with Windows. If you don't like Ubuntu you can go back to your Windows OS on the next reboot. No harm is done. Nothing is placed onto the hard drive.

* The second option is installing Ubuntu on your hard drive. This is done by clicking on the icon that says "install". Once this is done you will start installing Ubuntu 7.10. Once installed you should reboot and set up Ubuntu as to your liking. There are many options to choose from. Also one of the best points about Ubuntu is that is free. It is similar to Windows in many ways, but completely different in other ways.

The second install or maybe the first with set up everything including the Internet. The one problem you might have
is finding the right printer driver. Ubuntu will confirgure the floppy, cd/dvd and most other devices. So I would say try it out.

For a permnanet install be careful where you install it or it can cause troble booting. It is very important that you backup your system before installing Ubuntu.

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I recently had problems when I decided to install Ubuntu rather than keep running it live. I installed to the slave hard drive, and everything was fine, but I have been left unable to boot into windows now.
I can use Ubuntu, live as before, with no problems; but I need to be able to boot into Windows XP as well as Ubuntu, so would appreciate any help on this matter.

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I have managed to re-write the Master Boot Record on my Primary Hard Drive, so I can access Windows, which I hate to say, I need, for the kids.
However, I have noticed that it is much better with Ubuntu installed than running live from DVD.
Would you advise installing on the primary or slave drive when I re-install?
I have a 160gb primary and an 80gb slave drive, and am considering partitioning a drive to install Ubuntu on it; which would be the best choice?

Look forward to any help on this matter.