please help me about "Open FTA" software

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Hello everyone, my name Khoa. I have just downloaded a software named "Open FTA" in website I read it's source code and it has many file but I don't understand what function is used to connect all of function in program. Example: after install software, I built a tree, after that I click on menu "Analysis". In this menu, it has four child menus such as : Validate, Minimal cut set, Numerical Probability, Monte Carlo Simulation. If i click validate it will show a window to indicate the tree I have built have error or not.When I click "Report" menu, it will show a report window and I want to use it to add an chart into.The thing I don't know here is what function to do this example. Anyone who know about this software, please explain it to me.Thanks a lot

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As one fault tree analysis software, OpenFTA seem no bad. OpenFTA have one forum in its home page, the author can help you there.