Does Free Software Magazine allow pdf downloads?!??

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"Freesoftware Magazine" ditches PDF download version:

I dont know how true this is, but I definitely do NOT want the pdf downloads to cease in favor of an online only portal.

PDFs are way better, for me at least.

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Oh let's not start this again.

The post you link is dated 7 Feb 2007 and refers to a very old debate from Issue 16 which has long since been resolved.
Auto-generated PDFs for articles are available. What's gone is the full colour professionally produced print-style PDF of pre-Issue 16 days.


[EDITED: Entire issue's PDFs are gone; however, articles will stay]

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I changed Ryan's response to reflect the current situation.
We now have PFD downloads and pring preview for any logged in user. However, we recently upgraded from XML to Markdown in terms of article formats, and I haven't been able to restore the issue's PDFs. I tried and tried - it's just too hard to get HTMLDoc to generate them.



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Attempting to download the PDFs (as I always had done) has been driving me nuts for months! I was beginning to think I was going crazy.

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I can understand there are problems creating a .PDF for download, but I too have wasted a fair bit of time and sanity trying to download the most recent issues. In my defence, this is because the mail list announcment e-mail mentions "Generated PDFs are available" and to me this implies the whole magazine. Perhaps this announcement could be changed?

If it isn't broken - don't fix it. But then again, you won't learn as much.

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So there are no more issues in pdf for download?

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i used to download lots of fsm issues once..
i just downloaded the pdf's of all issues upto 18..
After nearly 2-3 months i have forgotten how to download the pdf version of the issues..
I searched and searched but didn't find out how..?
please any help,..

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The download of PDF issues of Free Software Magazine is now possible.

Please note that these are automatically generated files. They will get better as HTMLDOC gets better.

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