M$ Project

M$ Project

Looking for a Project management software tool for use in managing a distrubted team and setting project tasks and milestones. Possibly even generating a Gnatt chart.

I have taken a quick look at Sourceforge, but I was wondering what you all thought. Colloborate stuff is good. In the end the tool should be usable, but not hard.

Preferably some reviews with that or tutorials as well.


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I installed and briefly took a look at phpCollab as well, but it didn't seem as 'feature' rich as dotproject, although it did seem to be a bit faster on the response. both are server based web apps.

So far so good with working with it...

timelines, ghant charts, (milestones I have yet to see) multiple project, users, etc.

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I have been using GnattProject from off Sourceforge.net for about 14 months.
No problems yet and will import Project files.

In Linux, under KDE, I have used Planner. Pretty much the same success as GnattProject.

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I've been using Gantt project for well over a year. The current version 2.0.6 sorted a lot of the problems that I had with pdf export. The html export is also very useful as it allows Thunderbird to send an email with all the pages as part of the mail (just attach the html files), the recipient then gets all the graphics in the mail and can just print.

It still needs work on End-Start links, e.g work starts 2 weeks before another task is delivered doesn't work yet (or I can't get it to).

For ease of use I can't knock it. Presentation to third party's is easy. It's multi platform. Linux, Mac, Windows. Import/Export MS project. Well worth a try