Best Role-Playing Games for GNU/Linux

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Hi, everyone. I'm writing an article for FSM about the best computer role-playing games for the GNU/Linux platform and could use your help. What do you think are the best CRPGs for GNU/Linux? I'm really interested in games that are more than ambitious than just ports of classic commercial games, but I'm open to any and all suggestions.

I've already discovered two that look very promising:

Net Hack: Falcon's Eye
Iso View for Angbad

Thanks for your help!

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Yeah Grzegorz is right, even if roguelikes games like Adom and Nethack have many aspects of an rpg game they are classified as roguelike, like games on this page:
Roguelike games.
If you are looking for real "rpg games" you should look for games like this:
Role playing games.
The difference is probably that "roguelike" are more about dungeon exploration with always a lot of randomness.
If you look for gnu/linux rpgs i would look on open sources projects websites since they are often the ones who bother making games for something else than windows :)

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Games can be found on these links

These will give a link to some of them. Hope it helps

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I am also a big fan of PC games but I don`t prefer linux to play games I think this is not the best operating system to play games infact I prefer XP more.