SKYPE Alternative - help!

SKYPE Alternative - help!


My wife is about to have a baby (1 week to go). I bought a webcam, and it works perfectly fine with Linux.
She really really wants to be able to show her baby to our family in England when she/he is born.

I tried Skype, but it doesn't work with video in Linux. The Linux clone of MSN doesn't support videos either.

I am stuck! Please help...


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have a look at WengoPhone

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You could try a SIP client like Ekiga, which works with video. It's not compatible with Skype, of course, so anyone you want to talk to has to install SIP software too.

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It looks like Ekiga is the way to go.
What's a piece of software for Windows that DEFINITELY works well with Ekiga, for audio AND video?


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I'm afraid I don't know what works on Windows. In theory, anything that uses SIP should work with Ekiga, so the only problem ought to be finding something that has video. The list here might help:

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I definitely recommend WengoPhone. Version 2.1 was just released, which works really well on my gNewSense system.

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