I need softwares for talking to people

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Depends on what they use. If they use MSN, AIM, ICQ, or Yahoo!, get Kopete. If you don't need to video and audio chat, you can just use Gaim.

If they don't use anything, try http://sipphone.com.

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I would suggest AMSN: http://amsn-project.net/

The real question is: where can we find a IM program that would allow us to share a VIDEO with our family?


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If you use KDE, try Kopete. It has support for video. And works with all the major protocols.

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I am being usign skype for chatting now it is free. Thankyou


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Skype is only free as in free beer. Meaning it doesn't cost anything. It isn't free as in free speech. more about what we consider 'free software' on the gnu website: http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html

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For normal instant messaging, I recommend Pidgin (Gaim) or Kopete, and I recommend WengoPhone for VOIP. I definitely don't recommend Skype for anything as it's proprietary software.

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