Microsoft is the Devil?

Microsoft is the Devil?

I read in network world where Microsoft's' Steve Ballmer has rekindled fears of Patent infringement in the Linux Kernel. I freaking hate Microsoft. My job depends on Microsoft staying alive but I hate'em just the same. I can appreciate that Bill Gates made MS what it is but give somebody a break with the IP stuff. They are not so far out of the last antitrust suit that they have to go looking for another fight are they? But if M$ keeps going Linus has to say something about this...where is he? I swear I am so mad I may just start a farm and forget all about computers, the internet and M$. Maybe Microsoft wont patent photosynthesis and sue God until he has to pay royalties on that.

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The 3rd version of the GNU General Public License will hopefully make some headway in combating these issues - although I'm no licensing expert so you'd need to look into the details yourself.


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yes it's true that micro$oft have got some real problems (like having way too much money and power, poor things). when you are feeling really down about the whole thing, my suggestion is searching for some anti m$ and bill gates websites. there are lots of them out there, and some of them are hilariously funny. I realise it's not a longterm solution, but it will help you feel like there are like minded people around which is a moral booster. take a moment to check out groklaw and similar sites so you can see the tremendous work that some really devoted people are putting in to fight all kinds of issues like these. Also, make sure you get out there and advocate FLOSS! :-)