Lenovo to drop Linux support

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Many of the MySQL team use IBM computers by preference to do their developing on; and I know that, for some, a lot of the reason was the support for Linux.

Now Lenovo owns IBM's hardware business, but it seems they are dropping support for Linux (that's a Slashdot link, because, as always, the comments are as interesting as the story).

Again, this is one of those disturbing little pieces of news. Not because Lenovo are not supporting Linux, but because, as one of the commenters at Slashdot points out, Microsoft will get paid for each license on each Lenovo machine whether or not users actually run Windows on it. This is, apparently, how it works in a free market economy.



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According to CNET news Lenovo are now denying they ever intended to drop Linux support.

"There has really been no change in the support and commitment to the Linux community and to our customers and business partners," Marc Godin, vice president of marketing for Lenovo's notebooks said

One has to wonder whether this is really a denial or a change of heart following the flak they would have received. Perhaps the free market consumers are biting back. ;o)

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