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Free Software Magazine is dedicated to the promotion of free software. Everything we publish is released for free to all, and will be online forever. So we're asking for support from you and the rest of the free software community.

You can help in a number of ways:

Write for us

We always need good contributors who want to write:

  • in-depth, high-quality, informative articles;
  • interviews with key FS related people;
  • newsletter articles;
  • reviews of free software related books and events;
  • informed opinion pieces on free software related subjects;
  • unbiased reviews on free software operating systems and applications;
  • introductory articles to help new comers take advantage of free software;
  • case studies on how free software has helped the community or a company.

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Give us some input

Let us know about:

  • free software related news;
  • upcoming free software related events or gossip;
  • free software topics you'd like us to cover;
  • people you'd like to see interviewed;
  • or anything else you think we'd be interested to know.

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Put your money where your mouth is and donate to Free Software Magazine.

Think about how much you would normally have to spend buying a magazine of this quality. We provide it for free!

Your donations will help us to continue to spreading the word about free software and producing more fantastic issues.

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Promote Free Software Magazine. The wider our audience grows, the more the FS movement will grow.

If you are a member of a mailing list, LUG or similar, then let them know about us (following their etiquette and avoiding any sort of spamming of course!). We have banner ads you can download and placement on your site. Sign up to our newsletter and forward one to your colleagues, friends and family, so they can join the movement.

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