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Tony Mobily

About Tony Mobily

A short biography

Tony Mobily is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Free Software Magazine.

When he is not talking about himself in the third person, Tony Mobily, BSc, is an ordinary human being, enjoying his life in the best city in the world: Perth (Western Australia). He is a senior system administrator and security expert, technical writer, and is knowledgeable in several internet technologies. He loves GNU/Linux, very smart PDAs, and life in general.

Tony has been in the publishing industry his whole life, starting from the Italian magazine Dev. (he is lucky enough to be bilingual) in 1996.

In 2004 he wrote the book Hardening Apache for Apress. The book has had great feedback, and sold well.

He is also trained in Classical Ballet (ISTD), and fighting his way through learning hip hop and jazz. He also writes short and long stories.