Issue 22 is broken

Issue 22 is broken

Free Software Magazine #22 is broken
can't be viewed with any pdf-viewer.


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I have all the PDF issues downloaded, but since issue 16 can't open/read any of them. What's wrong with the files?

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I've just downloaded and opened issues 15, 17 and 20 with Kpdf 0.5.9/KDE 3.5.9/Debian Sid first time. What PDF reader/setup are you using?

With regards Issue 22 I can open it but all the pages are blank.


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Yes Issue 22 is broken. I have tried to open it in Acrobat reader 8, Evince on linux and Foxit reader on windows. It only shows blank pages. This broken issues is there for many days and no one has bothered to fix it. :(

Tushar Gokhale

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Can you tell us what software you are trying to open this on. I've now successfully opened it on kpdf and Adobe Reader on a few different machines.

Is it possible that your ISP is caching content and thus you are looking at an older copy (I had problems with it a few weeks back but since Tony's post above it opens fine)?