Win a copy of “The Linux® Kernel Primer" AND a copy of “Linux® Debugging and Performance Tuning"

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Mon, 2006-09-04 07:55 -- admin

This week we are giving away a copy of The Linux® Kernel Primer: A Top-Down Approach for x86 and PowerPC Architectures AND a copy of Linux® Debugging and Performance Tuning: Tips and Techniques.

All you need to do to enter is:

1) Read our terms and conditions.

2) Post a comment on ANY article or blog entry. We will choose the best comment made during the fortnight and the author of that comment will be this fortnight's winner.

Entries open on the 4th of September 2006 and close on the 17th of September 2006.

Thanks go to _Prentice Hall for providing these fantastic prizes._



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Submitted by r00b on

Why are there lightsabers on the covers? Did they think if someone likes linux they must be geeks and they will like Star Wars. I happen to like Star Trek thank you.

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Submitted by kevanf1 on

Hmmm, actually I'm more of a Doctor Who fan - though I do like some of the Star Trek stuff. However, being a fan of the Doctor I think a picture of the TARDIS would be far better. After all, just like the TARDIS Linux is far, far bigger on the inside than it is on the outside :-)

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somebody who loves Unix shells, likes to put his hands on even bash, provided he does not get a supermini access for free now...

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The two listed books “The Linux® Kernel Primer� and “Linux® Debugging and Performance Tuning�
are just what the doctor ordered for the independent self study individual, or as a quick reference to an operating system dear to his heart or livelyhood.

It will save you two years of sweat and save a few hours of downtime by being the handy reference to repairing the bug. Knowing what the kernel does will help to determine if the problem is in the application or in the operating system. The manuals are must reading, especially the debugging reference.

Leslie Satenstein
40 years in IT (technical)
and going strong

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Submitted by Anonymous visitor (not verified) on

The Linux® Kernel Primer: A Top-Down Approach for x86 and PowerPC Architectures AND a copy of Linux® Debugging and Performance Tuning: Tips and Techniques are the prefect guides for a not so new newbie like myself who has progressed tot he point where he wants to take his linux experience beyond living with the default settings and applications found on virtually all the distributions, no matter how great they are.

It's your machine, you know how it works, you should be able to tune it to run at peak performance.

Marc Friedman
1+ years as a Linux enthusiast.
[email protected]

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Submitted by admin on

I just want to make sure everyone is very clear on what this competition is about.

This competition is designed to encourage users to:

a) log in before commenting, and
b) post constructive, useful, informative, interesting and/or insightful comments.

Those who comment anonymously are not in the running to win. Comments that are obviously only made in order to enter the competition are not likely to win. Our previous winners have all made constructive, useful, informative, interesting and/or insightful comments.


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Submitted by jons on

Thanks much there, 'admin';

Honestly, these 'contests' are part (albeit, a SMALL part) of why I registered w/ this site.
Mainly though, I'm rather interested in learning more about programming, & I think that 'free,' as in open source, is obviously the best way to go.
After all, IF I can write code that is practical & useful enough that someone will be interested in it, as open-source, then I will have achieved another personal goal. (Hope that doesn't sound too strange!)
One suggestion though, could we perhaps have a bit more relevance in some of the articles?
Yes, the Ubuntu-based articles are great, & I'm learning from the 'free matter' economy information also, yet, I wonder: How can these principles be applied in more, shall we say, practical ways?
Just a thought mind you.
[:^) Let's keep looking up!]

Those lightsabers are 'emblematic,' which means: "Serving as a visible symbol for something abstract."
In other words they're intended to make you think in a particular way, of certain things, I.E., the material in the book!

Jon Steedley

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Submitted by Anonymous visitor (not verified) on

I've finally jumped in. I installed Ubuntu two weeks ago, mostly because it worked out of the box with my old Dell laptop and wireless card. After all, I need it to work well before I test the legendary Linux resiliance and try to destroy it!

If I don't win the books (odds are slightly against me here), does anyone have some recommendations? I currently have Ubuntu Hacks (by Oxer, Rankin, and Childers) and Linux for Non-Geeks (by Grant).

Thank you,


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Submitted by Gagan on

Well First of all I would like to comment on the cover of the Books

.. LightSabers : Represents a Cut-through in the Linux Series of Books..! And "Star warZ" because Linux is "The Futuristic Operating System", World is a galaxy of Operating Systems and Different Distro's of Linux are the Starz it.

I was about to buy Linux Kernel Today evening, but When I checked my mail..I was a bit see the contest line read.."I Badly need the can get the Book..You will get the Books.." :D

I'm too a programmer...well I started with "Turbo C++ v3.0" on windows..went to "Visual Basic"..jumped to "QT on Linux"..found that Concepts in C++ are too weak..came back to "C/C++ in Linux" on the Terminal...and still going ahead.

I've been learning Linux past 4 years...though the effort hasn't been consistant still I'm very far from where I started it :)

..My mother plays "freecell" on Windows OS, but when my computer crashed..I was on to Linux Completely..When I came back from college I saw her playing "FreeCell" on Linux..I was like.."WoW, you know Linux too /)" When I will move to Linux Completely, I'll celebrate my Independence Day.

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Wow. Lots of goodies being given away i see! Hope I win! Looks like I'll have to re-edit all my comments for a chance! More freebies! MOre more!

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