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Watch flash without Flash

ever wanted to watch a flash video but don't want to use adobe's proprietary software? I know how you feel. But now you can with a plugin for Totem movie player that allows you to browse and play You tube videos without any flash plugin. here is the link to the article that will describe how to do this.


P.S. If someone could please clue me in on how to do anchored links in a post it would make them a lot more useful.

Alternative Freedom the Movie

I was surprised to find that I have never seen nor heard of this movie before it just suddenly appeared in Google video today. Called Alternative Freedom the Movie I just couldn't resist.


Doseone (rapper: pop culture commentator) DJ Danger mouse (mix maker extraordinaire) Richard Stallman (The Grand philosopher of Free Software) Lawrence Lessig (Super lawyer, creator of Creative commons) Andrew "Bunnie" huang (reverse engineering pro)

great point

I thought a long time on your comments you made here trying to find something to refute your points. I am generally someone who thinks that people need to understand the "why" behind what they do. So someone that uses free software should understand that the point in do doing so is for freedom. Stallman has said that if no one was told about freedom that in ten years we probably wouldn't have it anymore. I tend to agree with that sentiment.

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