See all of your installed applications in Ubuntu Unity

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Sometimes, you want to see all of your installed applications in Unity, without having to "search". Doing so will probably make you discover a small world of great software installed in your computer.

First of all, click on the Unity menu:

You should then click on the "More apps" icon. You will get a screen that looks like this:

At this point, you have three list:

  • Applications most frequently used
  • Applications you have installed
  • Applications you can install

You also have a really important feature: "Filter results". Once you have activated it, you can see how applications are categorised in your system:

For example, click on "Internet": you will see all of the internet-related applications you normally use, you have installed, and might want to install:

One little feature that is often missed is the "See X more results": this will expand the list of applications in that section, so that you have a more complete view of what you can see.

Enjoy unity!


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