Win a copy of “Wicked Cool Java” AND a copy of “Mapping Hacks”

Win a copy of “Wicked Cool Java” AND a copy of “Mapping Hacks”

Sun, 2007-04-22 18:29 -- admin

This week we are giving away a copy of Wicked Cool Java by Brian D. Eubanks AND a copy of Mapping Hacks by Schuyler Erle, Rich Gibson & Jo Walsh.

All you need to do to enter is:

1) Read our terms and conditions.

2) LOGIN and post a comment on ANY article, blog entry or poll. We will choose the best comment made during the fortnight and the author of that comment will be this fortnight's winner.

Please remember we are more likely to pick what we consider to be an informative, well thought-out, interesting, funny or insightful comment as the winner.

Entries open on the 22nd of April 2007 and close on the 2nd of May 2007.

Thanks go to _No Starch Press and O’Reilly for providing these fantastic prizes._


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