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Latest from the Bizarre Cathedral. The mutt gets creative about Ubuntu.

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It is arguable that Canonical providing services around Ubuntu is simply the Linux market maturing. Consider that Red Hat provides many services in the server sector, Canonical may simply be solidifying their business model in the home market. These are not all that dissimilar from Server and Home editions of Windows. Freedom in software does not mean that all the services need to be free, quite the opposite: to enable Ubuntu Canonical itself must survive somehow. The only caveat that would make the situation evil is if Canonical attempts to lock you into their distribution. If Canonical allows you to take your data elsewhere, obviously yes with the mp3's, such as other Linux distributions then all you have paid for along the way is your moment to moment business dealings with them: there is no catch. If however Canonical uses data formats and software that isn't Free to other distributions to give themselves an artificial advantage then that is anti-ethical to the Open nature of Linux and that should be called out as early as possible for everyone to prevent it's growth.

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Ryan Cartwright heads up Equitas IT Solutions who offer fair, quality and free software based solutions to the voluntary and community (non-profit) and SME sectors in the UK. He is a long-term free software user, developer and advocate. You can find him on Twitter and