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Latest from the Bizarre Cathedral.

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RIP Dennis Ritchie : 1941 - 2011

Father of C and Unix. Sharer of code. Inspiration for a generation.

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Thanks to the hard work of others, The Bizarre Cathedral is now also available in the following languages (links below go to external sites):

  • Greek -- thanks to Eleftherios Kosmas
  • Czech -- thanks to Kainashi
  • Italian -- thanks to GL-Como (Gruppo Linux Como).

you may have to wait for the latest strip to be translated. If you are translating the strips into other languages and would like a link here, please get in touch as below.

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horus's picture
Submitted by horus on

Folks, I love this strip, and have signed up to FS Magazine mainly on the strength of it. In reading through the entire archive of strips, though, I noticed about strip 90 that only a link for "Previous strip" was present instead of previous and next. It made it more "interesting" to get through the last ten while I was catching up.

I love the latest character (the rabbit Ubuntu girl), and I especially like the way she thinks, but sooner or later Mutt just has to pay her back for the multiple indignities she has hit him with lately.

I'm going to follow you on Google+ 'cause I don't do Facebook. Here's hoping the next hundred strips are as funny as these first hundred have been.

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Ryan Cartwright heads up Equitas IT Solutions who offer fair, quality and free software based solutions to the voluntary and community (non-profit) and SME sectors in the UK. He is a long-term free software user, developer and advocate. You can find him on Twitter and