About Free Software Magazine

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About Free Software Magazine

Started in 2004, Free Software Magazine is the only magazine worldwide that is solely dedicated to the promotion of free software.If you are new to the concept of "free software", you might like to read our jargon-free beginner's guide to free software. For a more in-depth discussion and definition of free software you can also visit the Free Software Foundation (FSF).

Our goals

Our primary aims are:

  • to promote free software and its use; and
  • to educate the global community in the use of free software.
  • to spread the word about exciting software projects


One of the best ways you can contribute is by participating in our community. Comment where you can. Let people know what you know. Ask questions. You can advertise with us, donate money or help by writing for us. Any help would be appreciated. For more info on contributing look here.

Contacting us

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