The semantic web as an operating system: with users and permissions!

In the near future, the semantic web data will be precisely tagged and thus a whole lot easier to find. This will further spur the trend of the web and global society becoming tight networks that are increasingly interdependent and transparent. Do we have to sacrifice anonymity on the web in order to retain trust for collaboration? Or could we see a web emerge that functions as a kind of operating system with different users and permissions to run this global machine which we call the internet?

My OpenDiameter Experience, Part II, setting up a simple 3-party EAP-MD5 test

In Part I, I have shown what I did to get the build and installation going. In Part II, I will show what steps I took to get a simplest test like the following done: A EAP-MD5 test that involves an OpenDiameter server (aaad), an OpenDiameter client (nasd), and a EAP-MD5 client (pacd) talking to nasd using PANA. All three parties reside on one single host.

Simple as the test is, a lot of work is needed in OpenDiameter's case, as we will see soon.

Some Background Information

The Diameter Protocol

My OpenDiameter Experience, Part I, Build and Installation

Diameter is a AAA protocol that is supposed to be the successor to RADIUS, and OpenDiameter is an open source implementation of the Diameter Protocol. I recently started playing around with OpenDiameter and, to my surprise, the online resources and documentations on how to use it are very hard to find, if there is any. I figured out my way to get the basics running, and I am here to share my initial experiences, hoping to help other OpenDiameter beginners. I also hope that the OpenDiameter community could contribute more

Introduction to Firestarter

Most modern GNU/Linux distributions are secure with their default minimal installs, whether desktop or server, while some distributions are designed specifically with security in mind. However, any GNU/Linux distribution that needs services available to other users or systems will need either enhanced or configurable security. There are other situations in which added security is beneficial; for example, a large environment, while secure to the outside world, would be enhanced with additional security measures in place.

Network design

Relationships... are you linked?

One of the hallmarks of the free software movement and, in fact, the very thing that makes the movement successful are the many acts of collaboration donated by people scattered throughout the globe. The variety of services and products that get developed in this spirit are amazing and a true testament to human creativity and community spirit. We need to celebrate the spirit of people who make a commitment to participate in these types of structures.

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