Falcon WOPI, the Falcon Web Oriented Programming Interface

These are exciting times for Falcon's language development. New and interesting features are being implemented, tested and rolled out at break neck speeds! Not only are core language features being released, but so are a multitude of feathers (Falcon libraries/modules). One such module release is V1.0 Web Oriented Programming Interface (WOPI). It is the intent of this article to cover the basic features/functionalities of WOPI through common web oriented functional examples.

A second order virtual machine with Falcon

Lately, the Falcon Programming Language has attracted growing interest and excited a deal of curiosity.

In this article I'll document some unique features of Falcon that allow users to build easily what I define as a "second order virtual machine". Despite the ominous-sounding name, it's a very practical topic: with less than one hundred lines of code, you will be able to write your own special commands that can be used, for example, as dynamic configuration files.

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