10 things for non-coders to do with free software over Christmas

Some of us will find some kind of alleged spare time on our hands over the next few weeks. Certainly, there's often some kind of break from "work" over the festive season. Traditionally free software developers have used such times for long coding sessions, get-togethers and "hack-fests". Of course we're not all hard-core (or even soft-core) hackers so here's a few suggestions for the rest of us who might want to try something new over Christmas.

New Year’s cleaning - seven ways to start the new year right!

As we start a new year, it’s time to clear out last year’s baggage. Here are some tips on how to start the new year afresh.

1. Clean your computer desk

If you are like me, your computer desk is like a magnet for all sorts of stuff. Mugs, little pieces of note paper, receipts, books, DVDs, etc. Now is a time to clear all of the non-essentials off of your desk. You’ll be amazed at how much larger your desk will appear.

2. Clean out your bookmarks

Needed: advice about free Content Management Systems

Greetings, everyone. I've been searching for months now for a free reliable CSS to replace the Drupal server we're currently running at Armchair Arcade. The problem is that our host, modserver, is very restrictive about how many simultaneous MYSQL connections we're allowed (25), and Drupal has been giving us fits. We really need to find a more efficient CMS, but we also need a few key features, particularly good support for images (we use lots of screenshots on our sites.) Furthermore, we need built-in support for captions for these images.

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