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Case study: Mythic Beasts

Mythic Beasts is a UK company that provides Unix shells to their users. They offer fantastic service to people who need a shell account on a very fast server, and don’t want to fork out silly amounts of money. Let’s talk to Chris Lightfoot, one of the company’s owners.

TM: Who is behind “Mythic Beasts”? How did everything start?

What is Free Software Magazine?

Writing this editorial is much harder than I thought it would be. I made the mistake of leaving it last, and now the problem is that I have written so much over the last three months for this magazine (articles, emails, plans, business letters, personal diaries...) that I can’t think of anything I haven’t already said at least ten times.

Well, I have to start from somewhere, and I believe I ought to answer the most important question: what is Free Software Magazine?

Allow me to answer by explaining what Free Software Magazine is not.

A screen shot tour of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0

All major Linux distributions include a lot of free software applicationsand libraries, which turn Linux into a powerful desktop or server.

Red Hat in particular has done a great job in including numerous applications and libraries which work right out of the box, without much tweaking required.

This is a screenshot tour of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0.


Terminal Server Client

Terminal Server Client for connecting to Windows ServersTerminal Server Client for connecting to Windows Servers

Writing articles for Free Software Magazine

This article will try to give you some guidelines on writing articles. It is not meant to set down laws about how you must write; they are just recommendations. This article might be particularly useful for people who are new to writing for a magazine.

It is good to keep in mind the criteria that the editors follow when revising your article. Firstly, the article must be clear, well structured, and easy to read; it must be accurate; it must be at the right level for the target reader and it must use correct and appropriate English.


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