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FSM Newsletter 19 November 2007

Mon, 2007-11-19 06:25 -- admin

Hello everybody, and welcome once again to the fortnightly newsletter of Free Software Magazine: keeping you well informed about the realm of free software... AND the top 10 FSDaily announcements for this week! Happy reading!

Top ten Free Software Daily stories this week

  1. Computer role-playing games for GNU/Linux - Of all the various types of computers games out there, my favorite is the computer role-playing game, or CRPG for short. Read more...

Book review: Security PowerTools by Nicolas Beauchesne et al

Security has always been a concern when using a computer. First, we thought physical security was enough. After all, if the computer is in the house, how could anyone else get to it? But in today’s world, many of us live with our computers on-line twenty-four/seven. Security is not just loading up the latest protection software, but being aware of how the “bad guys” attack. Good security also requires vigilant testing and, since no one wants to simply issue a challenge to the “bad guys” and see what happens—they don’t typically fill out trouble tickets—we need to use tools that can simulate these attacks.

FSM Newsletter 2 September 2007

Sun, 2007-09-02 18:02 -- admin

Hello readers, and welcome once again to Free Software Magazine's fortnightly newsletter (sorry about the delay!), keeping you up to date with all things free software... AND the top 10 FSDaily articles for this week! Enjoy!


We have reason to celebrate because FSDaily recently crossed the 1000 user mark! This is great news because we have only been up and running for 3 months and have only been advertising on Free Software Magazine. So word of mouth must be working well.

FSM Newsletter 30th July 2007

Sun, 2007-07-29 16:46 -- admin

Hello readers, and welcome once again to Free Software Magazine's fortnightly newsletter, keeping you up to date with all things free software... and our new extra features! Enjoy!

General announcements

We have just implemented some cool extra features! These include: the reinstatement of print friendly versions of each article and blog entry; access to an automatically generated PDF of each article and issue; access to the website without ads; the ability to post unmoderated comments; and more! How do you access all these new features?

Dual-booting Kubuntu and Windows

We have come to a cross-roads in the computer world today. Stick with the familiar Microsoft Windows, or try the stable, secure, but unfamiliar GNU/Linux-based operating systems that have recently started taking off. There are two big factors that stop most people from loading GNU/Linux onto their computer. The first is that they think they need to be a geek to install it. I admit that it is often hard to install something you’ve never had experience with. But with the right coaching, you can do it. Also, people think that you can’t run Windows if you have GNU/Linux (so they lose all their games and other important programs). However, it is actually possible to run Windows and GNU/Linux on the same computer. So what are you waiting for?


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