My OpenDiameter Experience, Part II, setting up a simple 3-party EAP-MD5 test

In Part I, I have shown what I did to get the build and installation going. In Part II, I will show what steps I took to get a simplest test like the following done: A EAP-MD5 test that involves an OpenDiameter server (aaad), an OpenDiameter client (nasd), and a EAP-MD5 client (pacd) talking to nasd using PANA. All three parties reside on one single host.

Simple as the test is, a lot of work is needed in OpenDiameter's case, as we will see soon.

Some Background Information

The Diameter Protocol

My OpenDiameter Experience, Part I, Build and Installation

Diameter is a AAA protocol that is supposed to be the successor to RADIUS, and OpenDiameter is an open source implementation of the Diameter Protocol. I recently started playing around with OpenDiameter and, to my surprise, the online resources and documentations on how to use it are very hard to find, if there is any. I figured out my way to get the basics running, and I am here to share my initial experiences, hoping to help other OpenDiameter beginners. I also hope that the OpenDiameter community could contribute more

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