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New Open Source Software Platform for Linux Computer Vision Software

Zurich, 1st of October 2008

Super Computing Systems AG (SCS), a high-tech engineering company for super computer engineering and computer vision, located in Zurich, Switzerland, offers a low-cost small Smart Camera and free software source-code on base of the Open-Source license LGPL V2.1. SCS expects a high acceptance in the computer science community and encourages software engineers to try smart vision solutions, even in fields, where it was too expensive in the past. University image science groups may receive special conditions.

scientific linux - good news, bad news

It is really good news that free software is used in CERN for the Large Hadron Collider, however, when trying to access anything to do with using Firefox 3.0.1, all I see is:

Secure Connection Failed uses an invalid security certificate.
The certificate is not trusted because the issuer certificate is unknown.
(Error code: sec_error_unknown_issuer)

Which looks like a bad advertisement for the free software community!

What's A Good Remote Desktop Service?

I provide IT support to my clients, and am looking for a good remote desktop service. In the past, I had used LogMeIn Rescue and Teamviewer, but have recently tried Techinline Remote Desktop (, which seems to be a very reasonably priced service ($30 a month), which also allows you to "Pay As You Go". I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of what else is on the market?

Anti-virus technology is best paired with a good firewall for optimum security

Sat, 2008-08-02 15:12 -- corou

Dear Sir

I intend using ClamWin antivirus software. The following quotation appeared in one of the articles in FSM:

"It should also be noted that anti-virus technology is best paired with a good firewall for optimum security."

Can anyone let me know if there is any reliable and robust firewall which can be used alongwith ClamWin to achieve best results? Is there any reliable open source firewall?


Web based IT management software?

Hi... I am looking for a free, web-based IT management software package, that lets me do things like:

- Track hardware and software assets, with plenty of fields
- Keep track of hardware and software assignment to users
- Enter incidents and keep incident histories of these assets
- Geographical maps of the office(s) where these assets are placed, if possible

This is for a company of aprox. 150 users, so the system can be relatively simple.

I was hoping for either a completely free system, or ad based. Anybody seen such a beast?


Thomas Fruin
IT Manager


During the installation of xegl after checking and linking the xorg trees
i run,following this instruktion:

$ cd proto/X11
$ ./ --prefix=/opt/xegl
$ make install
$ make distcheck

it runs for a short time and endet with the message:

error: proto-X11Proto is now maintained at:
Please use that repository

so what can i do?

unbuntu users and firefox plugins

Sun, 2008-03-30 10:09 -- butty

I am running ubuntu 7.10. On the Family PC I decided to install a new user for my young son. I expected the firefox plugins that I installed on my account to be included.

The first site he visited required Flash and Firefox notified me that the plugin was missing. I clicked install but kept getting multiverse errors. I changed the user privileges to allow admin and I could install the plugin.

I don't want have admin privileges on this account. Is there a method of the plugins that I install on my account automatically being available on the user accounts?


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