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avi to mp4 converter

Thu, 2011-05-26 06:37 -- Eleain

I am not familiar with file converters or file sizes for that matter, but I noticed when downloading a television show from two different sources on my Macbook Pro, one file size was a lot smaller, the mp4, while the other was a lot larger, the avi. It was the same show and there wasn't much difference in picture quality, so I don't know why one download was 60mb while the download from the other source was 341 MB! I just wanted to find a free video converter that has a high success rate of converting existing avi files to mp4.

Tools to resolve long path files

I want to share with all those who are victim of such long path files
Long path files are those files which have a path having charcters more than the limit allowed by windows,ie approx 200
Whenever we want to change,delete,move,cut,omit,share or install such file windows give error like file is copy write protected,it is used by some other application or user,is blocked etc
First way is to change file name but it dont work
Second way is to delete such file by holding shift but it also dont work ""

Find PDF "The Commons as an Idea—Ideas as a Commons"

At the link

David Berry wrote a nice article about the commons, with a link to a pdf containing his complete article. But the link appears to be broken. Does anyone have this article, or know how to contact Mr. Berry? (Or if you are reading, sir, then ... :):)

Thank you kindly!

Help! NT Windows server disk is offline


There was a power outage over the weekend that caused our NT Windows Server to have problems. Major problem rightnow is that the shared drive/data is invisible. Inside Disk management it says "Disk Offline". Really need to get this disk back online for our users to access their data. If it helps, this server is running RAID 5. Appreciate to hear from anyone on this site. Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards,

RMS talk - Were was it, and when?

A good talk by Richard Stallman has been posted recently to Utube (in 14 parts, each of 10 minutes). I aim to make a transcript of this talk, but I cannot see any information about where or when the talk was given. This information would be very helpful in a short introduction to the transcript.

Any information or pointers pleae?

Richard Stallman On FOSS GNU And Freedom 1 of 14


what is the skill set of a linux programmer?

I am a software engineer by profession. My work involves developing software for display devices that run WinCE. Programming language used is C++. I am good at C and C++. I can understand python code and write the same by referring to . At home I use Ubuntu linux and I am learning basic system administration. But when I search for linux programmer jobs, most of them are related to kernel development or developing board support packages or system admin jobs. I wonder what do any company expect from the applicants when it comes to kernel related work or driver development.

Learing made a fun activity using flash cards

It is really good to see the move towards electronic books and materials. There are many really innovative and very effective ways of electronic media for study material, like for e.g.,, which I have started to use. Hopefully we will see an adoption of an effective platform as well.

weak32 ver.7

I switched to Ubuntu about a year ago after a frustrating relationship with weak32 Vista. Recently in the news, there has been much hype about W7 and how it is an improvement to weak32 Vista and XP. My question is - How does it compare to major Linux distributions in terms of security, resource management and stability?

Help Firefox

Sun, 2009-05-24 17:25 -- Finlay


I often use the saved passwords of my Firefox browser to see and sometimes erase the passwords...only everytime I must go to Tools - Options - Safety - saved password.
I was arguing if there is a way to insert a link in the toolbar to simplify and speed up this task.

Thank you and hallo to everyone.


Client services tracking software?

Wed, 2009-03-04 20:15 -- bl9

Hi all,
I work for a small non-profit in California. We provide services for battered women, children & elderly, including limited shelter, legal & court services help and transportation.
We are looking for software to anonymously track and report on our clients for funding purposes, including services provided, demographic info, family and ethnic info.
Does anyone know of free or low cost software that would work for our situation?
We recently paid an out of state company to build software for us but got ripped off.


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