We really, really need a good free software directory!

Say you're looking for free software on the internet. You are quite likely to come across sites like Super Shareware, Shareware Links, Software Files, Download Junction and VCL Components. Ah, software directories. You find a vast wealth of free software options, download what you want, and think about how awesome free software is. So you've found what you're looking for. Or have you?

Anybody up to writing good directory software?

Since the very beginning, directories (of any kind) have had a very central role in the internet. (I have recently grown fond of Free Web Directory. Even Slashdot can be considered a directory: a collection of great news and invaluable user-generated comments. As far as software is concerned, doing a quick search on Google about software directories will return the free (as in freedom) software directories like Savannah, SourceForge, Freshmeat and so on, followed by shareware and freeware sites such as FileBuzz, PCWin Download Center and Freeware Downloads (great if you're looking for shareware and freeware, but definitely less comprehensive than their free-as-in-freedom counterparts).

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