Watch flash without Flash

ever wanted to watch a flash video but don't want to use adobe's proprietary software? I know how you feel. But now you can with a plugin for Totem movie player that allows you to browse and play You tube videos without any flash plugin. here is the link to the article that will describe how to do this.

P.S. If someone could please clue me in on how to do anchored links in a post it would make them a lot more useful.

Free software media players

Last year, while running Ubuntu, I decided I wanted to watch a video, so I opened it up in the built-in Totem player. What happened next took me back to the dark era of codecs and computing. The XviD video I was watching became pixelated, the video became out of sync; within a few minutes it was unwatchable. I dual booted back into Windows XP, opened up by trusty MPUI and watched the video with the free software XviD codecs without any issues. The experience had left a bad taste in my mouth.

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