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Companies that make financial donations to FSM

Canonical (Ubuntu)

Canonical is the company behind Ubuntu, the best Linux distribution for the desktop users. Canonical has donated money to Free Software Magazine, effectively making it possible for us to pay our authors.


Packt is a modern, unique publishing company with a focus on producing cutting-edge books for communities of developers, administrators, and newbies alike. Packt believes in Open Source. When they sell a book written on an Open Source project, they pay a royalty directly to that project. As a result of purchasing one of our open source books, Packt will have given some of the money received to the open source project the book was written on.

Other Sponsors

Companies that donate in other ways

Free Software Magazine owes thanks to its sponsors. They provide us with the resources that help to make Free Software Magazine possible.

General sponsors


3FN provides us with a _lot_ of bandwidth and a real server.

Linux Magazine

In Linux Magazine, you'll find the tools, tutorials, reviews, and concrete technical discussions you'll need to unlock the secrets of Linux - and not just from the server side. Linux Magazine brings you solutions for real users with Linux on real desktops. Each issue comes with a full Linux distribution or other valuable software collection on a bonus DVD. Our DVDs include full versions of major distributions such as Suse, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, and Debian.


OpenHosting provides fantastic virtual servers based on Linux. They provide us with support servers.


The following publishers have agreed to donate their books which we use as payment to our writers.


Apress L.P., based in Berkeley, California, is the fastest-growing publisher of technical books in the world today. It is dedicated to meeting the needs of IT professionals, from novice to expert. Apress is dedicated to publishing titles of the highest quality and has compiled a team of authors that is a "Who's Who" of the high-tech industry.

Addison-Wesley/Prentice Hall

Addison-Wesley/Prentice Hall is a leading publisher of high-quality and timely information for programmers, developers, engineers, and system administrators. Our mission is to provide educational materials about new technologies and new approaches to current technologies written by the leading authorities. We are a division of Pearson Technology Group and our readers and authors benefit from our global resources.


O'Reilly Media is the premier information source for leading-edge computer technologies. The company's books, conferences, and web sites bring to light the knowledge of technology innovators. O'Reilly books, known for the animals on their covers, occupy a treasured place on the shelves of the developers building the next generation of software. O'Reilly conferences and summits bring alpha geeks and forward-thinking business leaders together to shape the revolutionary ideas that spark new industries. From the Internet to XML, open source, .NET, Java, and web services, O'Reilly puts technologies on the map.

No Starch Press

Founded in 1994, No Starch Press is one of the few remaining independent computer book publishers. We publish the finest in geek entertainment ~@~T unique books on technnology, with a focus on Open Source, security, hacking, programming, and alternative operating systems. Our titles have personality, our authors are passionate, and our books tackle topics that people care about. At No Starch Press, quality and content still matter.

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