Tools to resolve long path files

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I want to share with all those who are victim of such long path files
Long path files are those files which have a path having charcters more than the limit allowed by windows,ie approx 200
Whenever we want to change,delete,move,cut,omit,share or install such file windows give error like file is copy write protected,it is used by some other application or user,is blocked etc
First way is to change file name but it dont work
Second way is to delete such file by holding shift but it also dont work ""
Third way is to use a tool which embeds into core and resolves such long path,there are many tools available both freeware and shareware,here are some with their destination websites:
First of all is robocopy which is a tool given by microsoft for copying and xcopying files using command line interface,this robust tool boostes copy procedure but is leaste effective for long path files,i will rate it 3 star
Second one is pathlongtool available at,it is rated 4 star because it has limited functionality in case of mapping and changing such files
Third is longpathtool availabe at ,it is a small quick to use software which can be easily downloaded from its site,it has optimum functionality and it can change,map,omit,copy,install and delete such file effectively being rated as 5 star
Enjoy these free tools

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