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I was able to have ubuntu recognize my printer (Lexmark-9000 series) via USB; however, the printer is unable to print the test page and the printer states: "processing-printer is on line." then it goes back to idle. Does anyone know what I should do next. I have read the post in FSM- very helpful, but no success.

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What version of Ubuntu are you using? You should try 9.04, it has more support, drivers, and works with more types of hardware.

My guess is a driver problem. You may wanna work with the CUPS

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I've read many tutorials regarding wireless printing
with ubuntu to no avail. I am running 10.04 LtS Lucid Lynx and have a canon Pixma MP560 wireless printer. Also have Windows XP dual booted with Ubuntu on one desktop and am able to get the printer to work on XP.
Am also able to get the printer to work on a secend computer with Ubuntu and Windows 7 dual booted. The printer will work with Windows 7. Since I seldom use ether windows I really would like to get the printer to work with Ubuntu. Any help would be appreaciated.

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@paulcav Your question is fairly specific and may not get many answers here. I am guessing you have tried the Ubuntu forums but if not my initial search found this post which seemed to help several people in the same thread.

if you have any questions folllowing that you'll probably get a greater response on the Ubuntu forums than here.

hope this helps
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