What's A Good Remote Desktop Service?

What's A Good Remote Desktop Service?

I provide IT support to my clients, and am looking for a good remote desktop service. In the past, I had used LogMeIn Rescue and Teamviewer, but have recently tried Techinline Remote Desktop (www.techinline.com), which seems to be a very reasonably priced service ($30 a month), which also allows you to "Pay As You Go". I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of what else is on the market? Given that I run a small business, I am tight on cash to the extent that I don't want to unload $110 a month for LogMeIn Rescue as I had done in the past. As it stands right now, I am willing to sign up for Techinline but would be more than happy to try something that could get the job done better or at a lower cost. PS: I am aware that there are free services on the market, but I rather pay for something as long as it's reliable and reasonably priced. Thank you in advance!

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I've used both Crossloop and Teamviewer. Both are free programs and work very well.
I can't imagine spending $30 a month when there are good free programs out there.

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both Crossloop and Teamviewer are free as in cost but not free software as defined by this magazine (think freedom not cost). Free software remote desktop clients exist and require a server on the "client" machine. You can secure them as much as you like. I've used VNC (TightVNC or RealVNC free edition) via an SSH connection with great success and there's always rdesktop as well (although I've not used it).


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hello , i am vichi , i just want help plz provide me instruction how to use Crossloop and Teamviewer.
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I'm using LogMeIn Rescue also. But i'm not satisfied with it. Thanks for the replies for this article. Helps a lot. Planning to try Crossloop.