Help Installing Mandriva 2008

Help Installing Mandriva 2008

Hi All:

I'm new to Linux, I'm sick of MS! but i got a little problem: I download the Mandriva 2008 and i don't know how to install it without the DVDROM (i have none) and no CDROM (just got damage). So, all i have is an ISO Image of the distro but no way to install it with a burn media (cd or dvd). I have a home Network just to safe some file and the usuall stuff. Can anybody help me with this issued, please, step by step guide. Thanks so much for your responds.

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Obviously burning an .iso without a burner is going to be tricky :o) and to be honest there's probably little you can do with your download mostly because of the size. Whilst it would be possible to mount the iso and offer it on your network, you won't be able to boot from it.

But all is not lost :o)

There are several places on the web where you can buy a CD set for relatively little. For example CheepLinux will sell you a "Mandriva 2008 One Free Version" live/install CD for £4.99 and LinuxEmporium will sell you one for £4.00. You don't say where you are so I've limited these to UK sites but there are several that offer a similar service in other parts of the world.

If you want to try something other than Mandriva then you can get an Ubuntu CD delivered free - takes up to 10 weeks to turn up though. Other than that you can look out for printed Linux Magazines which often have distribution CDs on the cover.

Hope this helps