Help for DVD Problems

Help for DVD Problems

Sun, 2007-11-18 20:26 -- sam-c

On this Oldie Computer I deleted Win98 that stopped working months ago. Added Ubuntu 5.10 to Mandrake LE 2005, Replaced CDrom with ASUS DVD DRW and I can not , yet read or write DVD's.
Any Quick Suggestions?
Sam Newbie

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Can you give us some more on your PC specs please?
There are newer version of both the distros you have mentioned and others as well which will run on lower spec kit. For example Xubuntu, upgrading to a newer version may be a good bet as it will be able to detect the (I assume) newer DVD drive. Why not get hold of a later version of *buntu ad run the LiveCD.


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I have Mandriva Free 2007 Spring ON DVD,
But I can not READ DVD.
I guess I will Upgrade sometime, The ASUS DVD is fine
but has to work for me.
Thanks Ryan

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Having more specs for your machine really will help: what CPU/RAM/HDD do you have. I'm assuming this is an internal DVD device? If so how are you so certain the device is fine[1]? Are you dual booting? Also what interface is it on - IDE, SCSI??
If it's external, is is USB? 1.0 or 2.0? Firewire? etc.
Also does it work at all : e.g. read but not record?

Try running..

cdrecord scanbus

(you might need to install the cdrecord package first) and see if it lists the drive.


[1] Not really suggesting the drive is faulty just want to know where your confidence stems from.