Looking for a Visio-like tool, preferably something closer to Visio's feature set than dia.

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Try this site for a gander at something that may seem comparable.

Good Luck.

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XXXXX is a Visio-like flowchart, organizational chart, network diagram drawing software. It's only 10M in size and is rather a lightweight yet incredibly powerful diagramming tool. Over the usual elements that you can see in any of similar solutions, XXXXX provides a full power of modern interfaces, huge, smartly organized library of primitives, along with many examples and tutorials.

When you just start working with a new XXXXX diagram, you’re asked to select its “kind“ and the software provides you with the corresponding primitives. Of course, you can always load more primitives or even search them by name. The kinds of diagrams available in XXXXX cover all the areas you can imagine about schemes and diagrams: Flowcharts, DB architecture, Organization Charts, Mind Maps, Networks and much more, and there are several sections in the shapes library for each kind of diagrams, as well as several examples that come with the software. You can save your own shapes in the shape gallery for further usage.

As for drawing itself, XXXXX provides a really convenient vector editor, with handy shapes grouping, locking and organizing, selection and zooming; you can control all the parameters (colors, fonts, and lines) of every shape, either yours or from the library. All the “beauty pictures” you’ve designed can be easily exported and printed in a strict correspondence with the screen picture.

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The software mentioned above is not free. Mod parent down.
I suspect the question was just a bait by its vendor to spam these forums.