Where do i download the issues?

Where do i download the issues?


I am missing the Issue 18 in pdf format, where do i get it? I am getting tired of looking around on the Issue 18 site without finding the download link ;)

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I think you cannot download the whole issue as a single pdf file anymore. What is now available is, printer friendly version and download each article as pdf version. However both of those features require you to have some credit (they call it FSM dollars). To earn this credit, you have to be proactive in this magazine site. You can invite friends to join this great magazine, you can give comment to other's post (Just like what I'm doing!) or something else, read http://www.freesoftwaremagazine.com/gaining_extra_features this for more info. Bottom line is, this is still free-magazine, but you just have to give something in return to really use the whole features available. If you don't like it, you can still just read it online, page by page.


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Ohh no - I think this magazine just lost 10-15 users, me and my friends loved the pdf issue :-(

So either the articles one-by-one, or read it online, where do we do that? :D

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> Ohh no - I think this magazine just lost 10-15 users, me and my friends loved the pdf issue :-(

As explained here:


You can now download PDF versions of the issues and individual articles. They are not the same as the original high quality PDFs. We could not afford to continue production of the high quality ones.

You can also view printer friendly versions too. And by gaining good karma you can access the ads free site.



* Edited 25th July 2007.