How do I view or download the issues?

How do I view or download the issues?

How do you download or otherwise view the issues? There needs to be clear instructions on this...

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Well, try clicking on 'Issues' on the menu at the top and selecting the 'Issue' you would like to read. I'm not sure there's too much need for documentation, since looking for instructions would be less intuitive than finding the issues themselves...

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Go to the issues page, click on the issue, and then click on whatever article you want to see...

You can print or download a PDF of a specific article if you buy it: see [URL removed] for more.

Andrew Min

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Andrew we need to do a lot of testing a debugging before we launch those features. Please be patient. We don't want people trying to buy those products and have the money get lost due to bugs or lack of testing.

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You need to get as many FSM Dollars as Mr. Gates US Dollars got.

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We are working on having a PDF and printer-friendly version available for purchase using either paypal or FSM dollars (which you earn by commenting, inviting people and having those people you invite register). The products themselves are ready but the e-commerce system is not. We don't want to launch it without thorough testing. So, in the mean time, we have made these two products and an ads free version of the site available to users who have high karma. Karma is awarded to you by your peers when you make comments that they think are useful insightful or they just plain agree with. Anyone logged in can give you karma by voting on your comments.

So to put it simply: the pdf and printer-friendly versions are not available for purchase yet... however, if you participate in our community you may be rewarded with them through the karma system.

Please be patient we will have them available asap.