Photo managing software

Photo managing software

Fri, 2007-05-11 22:03 -- Danboy

I know of a couple but what is the best application for filing, tagging, editing, and viewing photos? GNU/Linux only AND cross platform (if available) please. Windows only - couldn't care less!

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Picasa is not open source or free software, though. Gthumb (a GNOME application, obviously) allows tagging, sorting, basic editing and viewing photos.

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I have personally only had experience with Digikam and Fspot. For the Linux desktop I would suggest looking into this article for a little more information.

Another that I have used before is LPhoto

Good luck on your search.

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Submitted by MattiasW on

Digikam is great to keep control of photos. You can tag, sort by folders, view RAW-files and so on.

To process my RAW-files I use Lightzone (it's not free, I think) and export to TIF. Then I use GIMP to fix the rest of the editing. Finally I use Digikam to keep track of all the images (somewhere round 10 000 files).

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You'll want to randomly select and display pictures.
We scanned in 5000+ family album pics and needed to
change from sequential all the time. People got tired
of seeing the same old lady at the beginning.

You'll want to see your pictures with and without captions.

You may even want to make a copy of the displayed pictures
in another folder for export?

You may want to display some of your favorites in a given
sequence with different display time duration 1 sec - 5 sec?

You may want to see every picture on c drive. Set the display
time to 1/10 sec and hold on.

If you like you could video in those pictures with a little
commentary and put those results to DVD.