Outlook Express alternative?

Outlook Express alternative?

More is outlook express. Which softwares can I use free that is not outlook express?

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As the OP was regarding Outlook Express I think calendaring may be a little bit distracting :o). I also think Chandler, Evolution and Kontact ( full blown PIMs) may be over the top. Kmail ( the mail component of Kontact ) can be run separately.

Thunderbird/Icedove seems to have become a de-facto standard these days. Claws Mail ( http://www.claws-mail.org ) is another alternative. I've not used it but it seems quite stable and in theory ticks all the boxes.

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A good light alternative to Outlook is claws-mail. His size is approximately 2 MB, so it is lighter in comparison with Thunderbird (30 MB) and it's very good!
Of course, Thunderbird has extra functionality that you'll not find in claws-mail, however if you don't require these it's a good choice!
I'm using claws-mail without problems since one year ago.