Repeat apologies. My learning is not very good. What free can I use so I do not buy photoshop from adobe?

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I am surprised nobody else stepped in...
The answer is "The Gimp" ( ). It's a fantastic program. Many say that it's not _quite_ as powerful as Photoshop, but it's definitely getting there...


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I'm not sure where this comes under the Adobe family of products but there is a whole range of free software graphics apps that are brilliant. I would also check out Inkscape, which is a vector illustration program.

For some an interesting series of tutorials on free graphics apps check out red hat magazine ( as they're running some articles at the minute!

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GIMP is a PERFECT alternative for Photoshop ONLY for home user... I live for the day when GIMP would have CMYK support so I can switch to GNU/Linux at my work... winblows is just killing me...

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Yes, definitely The GIMP. If you want to restructure your shortcuts and menus to be similar Photoshop, you can check out gimpshop.

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I'm a big Photoshop user too...

I'm not a huge fan of Gimp, but it's good for free. I recently came across a competitor called "Pixel."

It interested me enough, I figured others may want to know about it too.

It appears to work on a bunch of different platforms, including Linux.


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I had a look and it is clearly stated on the website for Pixel that it is not free software.

We do not recommend, support or promote the use proprietary software, regardless of whether it works on GNU/Linux.

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For Windows users, seems to be interesting. It requires the non-free .NET (but if you're using Windows, you might as well have it installed), but the program itself is released under the MIT/X License.